Swimming Pools: Access For Everyone

From October 1st 1999, it has become a legal requirement for service providers to ensure they can make reasonable adjustments for disabled people. This could range from providing extra help for disabled people to access the services, or making changes to the way they provide the services. This is where our Oxford Dipper swimming pool hoist comes in.

Protecting Disabled People From Discrimination

The Disability Discrimination Act 1995 (DDA), was introduced in the UK to stop the discrimination that many disabled people were facing. The act meant that disabled people had new rights of access. For things such as: goods, services, education, employment, transport, and accommodation.

As the act developed, more rules were introduced. Since 1996 it has been unlawful for organisations – that provide a service to the public – to treat disabled people less favourably than other people because of their disability.

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Disabled Access

For establishments such as leisure centres and swimming pools, it is important that the necessary equipment is in place. This is to ensure those less able have the same ease of access to facilities as those without a disability. Here at Joerns Healthcare, we are one of the world’s leading suppliers of rehabilitation and patient handling equipment.

Home of Oxford Hoists, we are committed to the design and manufacture of patient lifting solutions. Our equipment helps ensure that those with disabilities are able to move around and access facilities safely and with ease. We’re proud to have a product that’s specifically designed to facilitate access to swimming pools, therapy pools, and quayside locations.

The Oxford Dipper Swimming Pool Hoist

The Oxford Dipper pool hoist is one of the leading pool lifts on the market for people with a disability that prevents them from entering the water on foot. It’s a hydraulic lift that can be tailored for accessing the pool either with a sling or shower seat combination.

Sling Compatibility

The Oxford Dipper pool lift can provide direct access into a swimming pool when used with a suitable risk assessed sling. It’s perfect for those who are comfortable in being lifted from the side of the pool using a passive sling with loops attachments. Joerns have a wide range of sling options and material variants that lend themselves to wet environments. Net or mesh versions are especially compatible.

Accessing The Swimming Pool Using The Ranger Chair

The Oxford Dipper Pool Hoist can also be used with the purpose-designed Ranger wheeled shower chair, for those who might prefer this option, and facilitates entering the pool in a more dignified manner.

The Oxford Ranger chair enables carers/support workers to prepare clients in a changing room before they transfer into the chair. The person can then be wheeled to the Dipper hoist in the Ranger chair.

This quickly disengages from its wheeled base and engages onto the lift support tube. Once securely engaged, the hoist is raised to the required height and its column rotated towards the water.

After the entry point is established, carers can slowly lower the Ranger seat into the pool. This helps gently lower the client into the water. This can often be a much more comfortable way to enter the water. This is because the client is already in a natural seated position.

Swimming Pool Lifts At Joerns

Swimming has been proven to have many benefits for people with disabilities. In addition, it is a useful means of rehabilitation. It is therefore vital that indoor and outdoor pools have the right equipment to ensure easy access for all.

To find out more about our pool lifts, head to our website today. Alternatively, you can call +44 (0)344 811 1158 to contact and speak to a member of our helpful and friendly team. If you have found this blog helpful, you may wish to read our previous blogs on Sling Selection: Getting It Right or Types of Hoists.

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