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Summary. Joerns Healthcare is a world leading supplier of patient handling and rehabilitation equipment, including our Switch, a standing transfer aid. We have spent decades designing solutions that truly enhance quality of life. As a result, we’ve earned an enviable reputation for high quality equipment that supports the rehabilitation and re-mobilisation of patients.


The home of Oxford Hoist and many other leading brands, our solutions are purpose designed to support acute and residential care settings all over the world. The Oxford Switch is one example of many assistive devices that support the ongoing mobility and rehabilitation of a patient. Read on to find out more about this active style standing aid and transfer solution.

What Is An Active Stand Aid?

An active stand aid is a type of patient raising and transfer device. Some are quite basic assistive solutions; others are more complex mechanical or electrically operated devices. Active stand aids are designed to assist those with reduced mobility in rising from a seated to a standing position. In addition, it usually facilitates a transfer from one point to another.

It is important to note that an active stand aid, as the terminology suggests, is designed for use by those who can actively engage and contribute effort to the process. For those who are unable to do this, an alternative lifting device would likely be more suitable. Such as a passive style mobile hoist or overhead system. This decision of which is follows adequate and thorough assessment of risk.

Oxford Switch

The Oxford Switch is a simple yet versatile standing aid and transfer device. It is ideal for those with reduced mobility or in rehabilitation phases. The Switch requires and, actively encourages the user to participate in the standing process. Therefore, engaging core muscle groups while improving strength and function.

Maintaining a compact footprint, the Switch can be wheeled and stored with ease even where space is limited. For added convenience, it quickly separates into two components for easy storage and onward transportation. For example in the boot of a car.

Simplistic in design with no electric components, the Switch can be deployed quickly and easily. Also, it benefits from easy and straight-forward service and maintenance routines.

Enhancing Mobility

The ability to stand up independently is something we can take for granted. However, ageing, muscle compromise, and trauma, can make this seemingly simple task, much harder to do.

It is important that those with impaired movement practice these actions, in order to maintain and improve their level of mobility and independence. The Oxford Switch helps encourage the engagement of muscles necessary to raise to a standing position. As well as, promotes muscle tone and balance improvements.

Easy To Use

With a substantial maximum safe working load of 180kg, the Switch standing transfer aid can be used by a wider range of people, including heavier patients. Simple to use for both carers and patients alike, it is also perfect for many different care settings whether at home or in a professional facility.

Safe, comfortable and user-friendly, the Switch is designed with ergonomic elements to make it more intuitive in use. Patient and carer interaction points are carefully positioned. They ensure the standing action can be conducted as smoothly and as naturally as possible, and in maximum comfort.

A thoughtful recess at the patient side of the footplate allows the Switch to get closer to toilet surrounds. Consequently, mitigating the need to over-stretch or reach when preparing to stand. In addition, the upright frame and hand hold bars are at the perfect angle to minimise strain when standing from a seated position.

Range Of Transfer Needs

The Oxford Switch lends itself to a range of transfer needs including chair to wheelchair, chair to bed and toileting. By simply wheeling the device towards the seated user, they place their feet on the footplate before gripping the hand hold bars in readiness for standing. Some carer assistance may be necessary, determined via a careful patient risk assessment.

For those who do require that little extra assistance, the optional Oxford Patient Handling Belt is designed for use in combination with the Switch. Integrated grab handles and an adjustable looped strap offer the carer a means of providing further support and reassurance when standing.

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