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New Vs Used: Why You Should Invest In New Patient Handling Equipment

Summary. Explore used mobility hoist for sale options or new hoists for sale at Joerns Healthcare, ensuring safety and quality in patient handling. With a range of hoists catering to various care needs, we provide professional advice to assist in finding the perfect fit for individual requirements, promoting both patient and caregiver safety.   Joerns […]

Hoisting At Home: Domiciliary Care Equipment To Choose From

Hoisting At Home: The Options To Choose From

Summary. Joerns Healthcare, a leader in patient handling and rehabilitation equipment, provides high-quality domiciliary care equipment, including hoists for home use. We support individuals with mobility restrictions, ensuring independence and improving caregivers’ safety. Our range of equipment, such as the Oxford Classic and Professional lifts, offers safe and compact solutions for home care. Joerns Healthcare’s […]

Continually Supporting Acorns Children’s Hospice Charity - Joerns

Acorns Children’s Hospice: Supporting The Local Community

Summary. Joerns Healthcare partners with UK’s largest children’s hospice charity, Acorns, providing essential support through equipment donations, manual handling training, and fundraising initiatives like the annual Christmas raffle and 3 Peaks Challenge. Their collaboration enhances care for families facing life-limiting conditions, reflecting a shared commitment to community welfare.   Joerns Healthcare is one of the […]


The Oxford Sling Selector Tool

Summary. Discover Joerns Healthcare’s comprehensive Oxford Sling Selector Tool, designed to make choosing the perfect sling effortless. Whether you’re new or experienced in patient care, this tool ensures a safe, tailored selection. Dive into a smarter way to decide with the Oxford Sling Selector! Oxford Slings Joerns Healthcare offers an extensive range of patient moving […]


The Oxford Advance – Compact Folding Hoist

Summary. Dive into Joerns Healthcare, a leading compact hoist supplier, introducing the versatile Oxford Advance Compact Hoist. Perfect for tight spaces, this foldable device supports various transfers, ensuring mobility beyond home confines. Need a reliable compact hoist? Joerns has got you covered!   Joerns Healthcare is one of the world’s leading supplier of patient handling […]


The Oxford Presence Heavy Duty Hoist

Summary. Discover the Oxford Presence, a top-tier heavy-duty hoist, designed for diverse patient-handling needs. With a robust lift range and customisable features, it ensures comfort, flexibility, and safety. Dive deeper into Joerns Healthcare’s wide array of heavy-duty lifts. Your solution to quality care awaits!   Hoists are one of the most common pieces of patient […]

Oxford Journey Stand Aid

The Oxford Journey Stand Aid

Here at Joerns, we are one of the world’s leading suppliers of patient handling and rehabilitation equipment. Patients and caregivers are given the highest levels of support through the dedication of Joerns Healthcare. The home of Oxford Hoist, our lifting solutions are used in both professional and residential care settings worldwide. We have many lifting […]

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Sling Selection: Getting It Right

A sling is a piece of patient handling equipment. It is designed and manufactured to help facilitate the transfer of a patient in combination with a hoist or lift. Using carefully selected fabrics, a sling generally fits under and around a client, and when selected carefully, the right sling will help achieve a safe transfer […]

oxford dipper swimming pool hoist

Swimming Pools: Access For Everyone

From October 1st 1999, it has become a legal requirement for service providers to ensure they can make reasonable adjustments for disabled people. This could range from providing extra help for disabled people to access the services, or making changes to the way they provide the services. This is where our Oxford Dipper swimming pool […]

Types of Hoists | hoist servicing

Floor Hoist Or Ceiling Hoist: Important Considerations

All types of hoists help to transfer people from one place to another when they no longer have the required mobility to stand and move safely, otherwise. They are designed to help facilitate lifting and transfer activity by reducing the effort required on behalf of both the carer and patient. When it comes to selecting […]

Dolphin Mattress

The History Behind Dolphin FIS (Fluid Immersion Simulation)

Dolphin FIS is an advanced therapy system that simulates the immersion of a patient in a fluid medium. It provides state-of-the-art pressure redistribution, delivering three-dimensional volumetric engagement to eliminate gradient shear forces, leading to positive patient outcomes. The Dolphin system (Dolphin Mattress) automatically measures the individual characteristics of the patient as they engage the support […]

Types of Hoists | hoist servicing

LOLER: A Guide To Hoist Servicing & Maintenance

Patient handling solutions are used to decrease the risk of injury to both the patient and the caregiver. However, with this assistive equipment and the procedures for using it, there remains an element of risk. During moving and handling tasks, patient and carer safety is critical. Using faulty, unsafe or unsuitable equipment can lead to […]