stand aid

Active Stand Aids: A Patient Journey

Joerns Healthcare is one of the world’s leading suppliers of patient handling equipment and rehabilitation products. We are the home of Oxford Hoist, a leading name in the design and manufacture of leading patient handling solutions. We provide an extensive range of lifting solutions, including stand aids, often referred to as active style hoists. They […]

Toileting Slings

Toileting Slings: Minimising the Risks

In any moving and handling situation, it is imperative to assess and mitigate any risks to both patient and carer provider. This is especially important when using lift and sling combinations. And even more so when electing to use a toileting or hygiene sling. As the associated risks are often much higher. As an Oxford […]

travel-hoists-for -disabled-portable-hoists

Portable Hoists: Travelling Outside the Confines of the Home

Sometimes people require help to move or transfer from one position to another. This can become especially difficult outside of the home and often presents further challenges. Manual lifting and handling can place a severe strain on the person assisting, whether friend, family or care professional. As well as placing the individual requiring assistance at […]

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Joerns And Covid-19

Summary. Joerns’ Covid response disrupted traditional working, with most office staff working remotely to ensure uninterrupted service. Adapting to challenges, they invested in advanced telecommunication and addressed supply chain issues while supporting Nightingale Hospitals and emphasising employee safety.   At Joerns Healthcare, like many other businesses, have experienced unprecedented disruption to what is usual or […]

Joerns donate laser machine

Joerns Donate Laser Machine To Help NHS

Summary. Joerns donated a laser cutting machine to Millennium Laser to support the production of face visors for the NHS. Millennium Laser aims to create over 12,000 visors, greatly aided by the provided machine.   During the current pandemic, face visors have become a much needed source of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). These visors serve […]

Audit pass for Joerns

Audit Pass For Joerns

Summary. Joerns recently achieved an audit pass from Bureau Veritas, confirming their adherence to BS EN ISO 9001:2015 and DS EN ISO 13485:2016. This showcases their commitment to maintaining quality systems and providing customers with robust, quality products and services.   Joerns have very recently and successfully passed two independent audits conducted throughout August by […]

Joerns - Patient Handling Equipment Supplier - donate office furniture

Joerns Donate Office Furniture To Charity

Summary. Joerns Healthcare, a premier patient handling equipment supplier, is refurbishing their office for safety amidst the pandemic. They’ve generously donated old furniture to charities like Wild Goose Rural Training and Acorns Children’s Hospice, supporting community well-being.   Joerns Healthcare are leading supplier of patient handling equipment. We strive to put the well-being of our […]

Joerns Healthcare proud to support the NHS during coronavirus pandemic

Joerns Proud To Support The NHS During Coronavirus Pandemic

Summary. Joerns actively assists NHS Trusts and community facilities, providing crucial equipment and support amidst the Coronavirus pandemic. The company notably contributes through significant product provisions, voluntary delivery assistance by sales members, and offering remote training to accommodate new care volunteers.   Over the last few weeks, Joerns have been called upon by a number […]

Joerns expands its Oxford Professional Product series

Joerns Expands Its Professional Product Series!

Summary. Joerns Healthcare introduces two innovative additions to the Oxford product series. The Oxford Switch and the Oxford Up enhance patient transfers and standing assistance while prioritising rehabilitation and user participation in the care process. Explore more in their Resource Centre.   2019 has seen Joerns Healthcare add two new products to its Oxford Professional […]