The Oxford Advance – Compact Folding Hoist

Summary. Dive into Joerns Healthcare, a leading compact hoist supplier, introducing the versatile Oxford Advance Compact Hoist. Perfect for tight spaces, this foldable device supports various transfers, ensuring mobility beyond home confines. Need a reliable compact hoist? Joerns has got you covered!


Joerns Healthcare is one of the world’s leading supplier of patient handling care solutions, including the compact folding hoist: Oxford Advance. Mobile hoists offer a wide range of benefits. For instance, they are a valuable backup for when an overhead hoist isn’t available, or when structural needs cannot be satisfied. Also, compact folding hoist can open up more opportunities for the user. This helps to allow them to travel outside of the confines of their own home.

Oxford Advance Compact Hoist

The Oxford Advance passive style mobile compact hoist is a compact fold-away device, perfect for areas that have limited space. Despite its compact footprint, the hoist has a safe working capacity of 155kg (24st). It is more than capable of performing a wide range of transfers and tasks, safely. Some of these include:

– Bed to Chair
– Chair to Chair
– Floor to Chair
– Chair to bath

Cleverly designed adjustable angled legs allow the compact hoist to get closer to wide furniture. It can help get closer to other obstacles it may encounter as well. It is ideal when deploying the lift alongside large chairs, wheelchairs, and bulky commodes.

An optional 4-point positioning cradle ensures full compatibility with all Oxford passive slings, both loop and clip fixings. The Advance is highly adaptable in a variety of environments, whether it’s being used to transfer from the floor, a low bed, wheelchair, or toilet, this compact folding hoist copes with ease.

One of the Oxford Advance’s main features is its ability to fold, allowing relative ease of storage and transportation. Requiring no tools to achieve its folded position, the compact hoist will then stand on end. Additionally, it will also fit into the boot of most family saloon cars, perfect for taking on holiday or for day trips away.

The integrated Smart Monitor diagnostic control pack has a lift cycle counter, overload detection, and a service alert to help ensure your lift is kept in optimum condition for longer. Further safety systems including manual emergency lower, emergency stop and on-board controls ensure the Advance is one of the safest compact lifts available.

Joerns Hoists

Hoists are necessary pieces of patient handling equipment in care settings. They provide those with reduced mobility the care and support they need to move from one surface to another. Here at Joerns Healthcare, we are proud to be one of the leading suppliers of patient handling and rehabilitation products. High-quality solutions is what we strive for here at Joerns. This is to enhance the quality of life for patients, and ensure they can move around safely, comfortably and with dignity.

We have many lifting and handling products available. They help support different environments and patient needs. The Oxford Advance mobile patient lift is one of our most functional and versatile lifting solutions.

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