The Oxford Journey Stand Aid

Here at Joerns, we are one of the world’s leading suppliers of patient handling and rehabilitation equipment. Patients and caregivers are given the highest levels of support through the dedication of Joerns Healthcare. The home of Oxford Hoist, our lifting solutions are used in both professional and residential care settings worldwide. We have many lifting solutions available which offer varying levels of assistance including stand aid hoists.

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Oxford Journey Stand Aid

Often referred to as active style hoists, stand aids are lifting devices. They provide support and assistance for people who have difficulty moving from a seated position to standing. They differ from other, passive type hoists and lifting devices. This is because they generally require the user to take a more active role when using them. The user will be required to contribute some degree of effort rather than being entirely dependent on the lift to do the work. It is for this reason, they are also used to support rehabilitation and re-mobilisation of patients.

Who Are They Suitable For?

Stand aids may be suitable for those with limited or reduced mobility. It would not be suitable for those who have no mobility at all. The elderly will use it more often especially if they have lost strength or balance. They also require additional assistance to help them stand up from their seat. Risk assessments are vital before using a stand aid. This is to ensure that the device is suitable for the patient and their needs.


Oxford Journey Stand Aid

One of the most reputable and functional stand aids on the market is the Oxford Journey. It was the first of its kind when it launched in 2009. The Oxford Journey lift is a compact and foldable stand aid with unique functionality. Being so compact and lightweight, the device allows caregivers to manoeuvre it in tight spaces. Folding it away is easy to store for transportation. Being transportable means the device can provide active users with the option to travel outside the confines of their homes. This helps open up opportunities to visit friends and family or go on holidays

With its unique adjustable cow-horn, the Oxford Journey accommodates a wider range of patient heights and sizes, making it perfect for use in facilities where more than one person will require the use of it. With three individual height options, adjustment is quickly achieved with a simple boom-mounted trigger mechanism that when pulled back, enables selection of the most appropriate position.

 Oxford Journey Stand Aid - Packed away

Equipped with the Smart Monitor control box, the Journey records a number of key data points that can be quickly read out via the onboard LCD screen. The intelligent system records the exact amount of work completed by the actuator which is translated into a lift cycle count. It also records any attempted overloads (above SWL) and has a useful service reminder, helping you to keep on top of essential maintenance, maintain higher levels of safety and product longevity.

A padded, height-adjustable knee pad with optional calf straps helps ensure optimum support when standing and a removable foot-tray helps with a basic rehabilitation activity and also cleaning routines.

With the option of either a Standing sling or Transport sling, the Oxford Journey facilitates numerous moving and handling tasks including standing, toileting, point-to-point transfers, and rehabilitation activity.


Oxford Journey Stand Aid Overview & Video

A full overview of the Oxford Journey: Oxford Journey. Video demonstration of the Oxford Journey: Oxford Journey Video.

 Oxford Journey Stand Aid Oxford Journey Stand Aid



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