The Oxford Presence Heavy Duty Hoist

Summary. Discover the Oxford Presence, a top-tier heavy-duty hoist, designed for diverse patient-handling needs. With a robust lift range and customisable features, it ensures comfort, flexibility, and safety. Dive deeper into Joerns Healthcare’s wide array of heavy-duty lifts. Your solution to quality care awaits!


Hoists are one of the most common pieces of patient handling equipment in the care sector. If it’s in a hospital, a care home, or in someone’s own home, hoists can help provide a comfortable and relaxing experience. Especially for those who require extra care and support with their mobility. Hoists can provide vital assistance. For instance, when getting in and out of the bath, bed, or even standing up from a chair. They are invaluable devices for quality of care. They also help ensure those caring for the patient are not at unnecessary risk of physical strain or injury themselves. With this in mind, let’s explore the Oxford Presence heavy duty lifts.

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Oxford Presence Heavy Duty Hoist

The Oxford Presence is a heavy duty mobile patient lift that is able to handle many demanding patient-handling situations. With its impressive safe working load of 227kg/35st, it can support patients of many different weights. It also has a lift range between 440mm – 1910mm. With this in mind, the heavy duty hoist can comfortably support off the floor transfers. This is in case of a fall and also enable transfers to high-level surfaces.

Also, the Oxford Presence has a range of options to ensure a wider range of patient needs are met. The hoist comes with a 6-point spreader bar as standard for use with loop style slings. However, this can be interchanged with a choice of manual or powered 4-point positioning cradle to accommodate clip-style slings. These options can also be combined with an inline Class III digital weigh-scale with no reduction in lift range.

The Smart Monitor on-board diagnostic control system with integrated lift cycle counter, overload detection and a service reminder helps to ensure your lift is kept in optimum condition for maximised service life. In addition, safety systems including manual emergency lower, emergency stop and on-board controls ensure the Presence is one of the safest lifts in its class.

Comfort and flexibility are key assets in the design of the heavy duty hoist to help with all. Equipped with a powered leg positioning to ensure easy access around obstacles in a room. This is as well as reducing the effort required on behalf of the carer. There is even a low leg model that is especially suited for access under low bed frames.


Product Interaction Points

As with all Oxford Professional series lifts ergonomic principles are in mind, this is no difference with the Presence. Product interaction points have been carefully and intuitively placed, such as the push handle and onboard controls. Additionally, there are useful features like the foot push pad. This helps initiate forward momentum and sculpted base casting. It helps the caregiver get closer to the load during use, helping improve posture and helping to reduce unnecessary physical exertion and thus, possible injury.

With many other fantastic features too, the Oxford Presence hoist is undoubtedly one of the most versatile hoists on the market.


Joerns Hoists

Joerns Healthcare is a global leader in the provision of rehabilitation and patient handling products. We take pride in delivering quality and invaluable solutions. Especially that better the lives of loved ones and allow them to move around in a safe and dignified manner. There are many circumstances that might demand the use of a hoist. Here at Joerns Healthcare, we have an extensive range of lifting and handling equipment.

When it comes to selecting the right hoist, there are many things to consider; the user and their capabilities, the environment the hoist will be used in, and the strength and abilities of the carer to name a few. A sling also forms part of this risk assessed decision-making process and if you are looking for support in choosing the right sling, our Oxford Sling Selector can provide you with all the guidance you need to ensure you are investing in the most appropriate equipment.


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