New Vs Used: Why You Should Invest In New Patient Handling Equipment

Summary. Explore used mobility hoist for sale options or new hoists for sale at Joerns Healthcare, ensuring safety and quality in patient handling. With a range of hoists catering to various care needs, we provide professional advice to assist in finding the perfect fit for individual requirements, promoting both patient and caregiver safety.


Joerns Healthcare supports patients and caregivers all over the world with the provision of specialist patient handling and rehabilitation equipment. We have spent decades designing, manufacturing, and supplying equipment such as hoists and slings. Therefore, earning ourselves a reputation for high quality, safe and trusted solutions. They truly better the lives of users and keep caregivers safe and healthy in their roles. We have a range of hoists available for sale that cater for numerous care needs, including domiciliary care.

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Purchasing a Hoist

If you are looking for hoists for sale, it is understandable that you may feel overwhelmed with the many multitude of options available. Patient lifting devices come in various different forms and it can be hard to determine what is the most appropriate hoist for you or your loved one to use.

It’s very important that you invest in a hoist that ticks the appropriate boxes for the needs of the user. Mobility restrictions, usage, location, and weight are among the areas that should be taken into consideration when shopping for a used hoist.

At Joerns Healthcare, we can support you during this process with qualified advice. Additionally, our global network of authorised service providers are highly trained and experienced in the use and prescription of patient handling equipment, and together we can help you select a suitable device that meets your needs.

Used Mobility Hoists

When looking for hoists for sale, you may be considering buying a used mobility hoist. Hoists can sometimes be costly, and a second-hand product is always likely to be less expensive. However, the safety of at least one person is at risk when using patient handling and lifting devices. So, it’s critical that the equipment has been correctly and safely maintained and is fit for purpose.

Advantages of a used mobility hoist include:

  • Likely to cost less money
  • May be delivered fully assembled and ready for use
  • Can often be picked up or delivered immediately

Disadvantages of a used mobility hoist:

  • Less choice available
  • May not come with the necessary safety instructions
  • Shorter lifespan due to already having previous usage
  • No warranty should something need fixing

With the above taken into account, there is no guarantee that buying a used mobility hoist for sale is safe to use and if so, how long for. Purchasing via an authorised service provider is undoubtedly a source of increased confidence, if indeed they offer second-hand products. This is due to the likelihood of the product having been more thoroughly inspected and deemed fit for continued use.

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New Mobility Hoists

Despite the cost of a new hoist perhaps being more expensive, purchasing a new hoist from a trusted supplier of such equipment has a wealth of advantages. There are few disadvantages of buying a new hoist, all of which can be overcome by planning ahead.

Advantages of a brand new mobility hoist include:

  • Brand new hoists should come with a warranty period which can be as long as 5 years depending on the manufacturer.
  • There is a wider choice available which means you can be sure to invest in something that is fully appropriate for the user.
  • Will come with all of the relevant documents such as assembly instructions and safety guide. The supplier may even commission the hoist and provide guidance for future use.
  • You will have full transparency over its condition.
  • Peace of mind, knowing that it is safe for use due to being brand new.

Disadvantages of a brand new mobility hoist:

  • Brand new hoists are likely to cost more than a used hoist for sale.
  • The hoist isn’t always available immediately as you may need to wait for it to be ordered/delivered.
  • Some hoists can be tricky to assemble however a company such as Joerns Healthcare alongside its network of service providers will be able to offer you support should you have any difficulties.

Hoist Suppliers

At Joerns Healthcare, we see hundreds of people each year reap the benefits of purchasing a brand new hoist. When it comes to your or your loved one’s safety, you should avoid taking risks where possible. With this in mind, we always recommend purchasing a brand new hoist as opposed to a used one so that you can guarantee you’re using a safe and appropriate piece of equipment.

For more information on our hoists, head to our website today. Alternatively, you can call 0344 811 1158 to speak to a member of our helpful and friendly team.

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