Oxford Journey Professional Lift Overview Video

The Oxford Journey Professional lift is symbolic of our dedication to facilitating effortless patient handling, whilst ensuring optimal safety and comfort. In this video overview, you’ll discover the functionality this unique stand aid offers, and the resulting high level care and operational efficiency it brings.

In our steadfast commitment to ensuring unparalleled patient care, we invite you to explore, to enquire, and to understand why Joerns Healthcare is synonymous with excellence in patient handling solutions.


Precision, Compassion, and Unyielding Support in Patient Handling

Our commitment extends beyond mere products. We’re in the business of easing journeys – both for carers and their patients. The Oxford Journey Professional lift is meticulously designed to empower caregivers to provide consistent, safe and dignified patient care.

With a particular focus on ergonomics and user-friendly operation, every lift in the Oxford Professional series offers enhanced functionality, reducing the risk of injury and time away from work for healthcare professionals.

Why the Oxford Journey Professional Lift Stands Out:

  • Adaptable Design: The perfect crossover product, tailored for an array of environments, from acute and post-acute care facilities to more familiar home care settings.
  • Safety First: Engineered with innovative and easily accessible features that prioritise patient and carer safety during each and every use.
  • Dependability: Fusing superior design with robust construction, the Journey is tested to and often beyond applicable protocols and industry regulations.

In our detailed video overview, we explore the lift’s key features, operational guidance, and see firsthand the impact our products can have in real-world care environments.


Navigating through the selection of a suitable patient lift is a carefully considered process. At Joerns Healthcare, we believe in transparent communication and empowering our clients with knowledge. Below are answers to some frequently asked questions regarding the Oxford Journey Professional Lift.

What environments is the Oxford Journey Professional Lift suitable for?
The versatile Oxford Journey Professional lift is equally at home in residential care homes, rehabilitation centres, and private home care environments, to larger acute care facilities.

What safety features are integrated into the lift?
Onboard redundant controls, manual emergency lower, overload protection, maintenance alerts, anti-finger entrapment design, and simple, intuitive controls and interaction points, ensuring that both the caregiver and patient experience is a safe one.

Is the Oxford Journey Professional lift adaptable to different patient needs?
Yes. The Journey stand aid incorporates a unique folding design for ease of storage and transportation, making it ideally suited for home care demands. In addition, the patented adjustable cow-horn caters for a range of patient heights, and a choice of sling types offer a multitude of lifting, transfer and rehabilitation options.

How does this lift align with caregiver ergonomics?
Our lifts are designed with careful attention to ergonomic principles, ensuring that caregivers can operate them efficiently, reducing the risk of error, strain or injury and promoting a healthy, sustainable working environment.

What post-purchase support does Joerns Healthcare provide?
Your journey with Joerns Healthcare extends beyond the initial purchase. We offer thorough training on safe and effective use, along with continuous after-sales support and maintenance services, ensuring your Oxford Journey perpetually operates at peak performance.


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