Oxford has introduced its new Standing Harness sling.

The new Standing Harness is a versatile sling with a wide range of uses. This includes assisting with standing and walking or visiting the toilet. The Standing Harness supports the patient around the upper body as well as under the arms.

Enabling clients with a disability, and residents in long-term care, to maintain as much independence as possible is a goal for all community caregivers.

“The Standing Harness is not a general-purpose sling and requires the patient to be able to at least partially bear their own weight”, said Nathan McWattie, Managing Director – Commercial Operations. “Obviously caregivers need to make a careful assessment and the FIM score will be between 2 and 3. But the additional upper body support makes a significant contribution to more comfortable and achievable assisted standing or walking”.

Details of the Standing Harness can be found in the Slings section.